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Experience a service provided by expert ophthalmologists using sound clinical judgement combined with reliable data collected by skilled clinical staff using high precision equipment. 

Brisbane Eye Clinic is highly specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of cataract, glaucoma, and retinal diseases including complex macula surgery. Our doctors are experienced surgeons and our staff are dedicated professionals who care, connect and communicate. 

Convenience and flexibility

Located conveniently with consulting rooms in the city and on the north side, Brisbane Eye Clinic is a highly regarded practice dedicated to caring for patients with eye conditions for over 25 years.

Certain procedures  such as Cataract surgery, Retinal detachment surgery and Pterygium surgery are performed in day hospitals. Our surgeons operate at various locations on the North side and Inner West. In most of these cases the surgery is completed on the same day by highly skilled surgical teams using cutting edge technology.

It’s all in the details

From your first point of contact with Brisbane Eye Clinic, our friendly staff provide comprehensive information on your appointment; including appointment length, consultation fees, parking and even maps to access our locations easily.

During your visit, it is our goal to provide quality information and transparency regarding your eye condition so that you understand your treatment and feel comfortable with the process.

Urgent requirement?

Eyesight is precious and we understand that patients would like to be seen sooner rather than later. We offer new patient appointments promptly with one of our experienced ophthalmologists who will take the time to diagnose and explain your condition and the treatment options available to you.

We also understand that urgent requirements arise and we are very happy to accommodate urgent appointments as needed. Just give us a call.


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Specialised & Reliable Eye Care Services

The Brisbane Eye Clinic experienced team provide a range of specialised services for our patients.

Integrated Ophthalmology

Brisbane Eye Clinic offers comprehensive ophthalmic services, for referred patients, which focus on outcomes driven cataract surgery; advice and treatments for age related macular degeneration; careful assessment and comprehensive management of diabetic eye disease; experienced glaucoma care and evidence based treatment.

The Retina Care & Macula Centre

If you are seeking an efficient and fast response for patients requiring private ophthalmic care for urgent retinal conditions, we can help. At Brisbane Eye Clinic we understand that urgent situations arise and our Ophthalmologists are very happy to prioritise these patients who require critical care.

The Cataract Centre

We know that expectations of Cataract Surgery are increasing as patients extend working life and enjoy fuller outside interests. As a longstanding practice, we not only welcome the challenge of meeting these changing demands, but have  extensive experience in achieving optimum results.

The Glaucoma Care & Optic Nerve Centre

The Glaucoma Care and Optic Nerve Centre is a dedicated service offering expert care for Glaucoma patients by our experienced team. At Brisbane Eye Clinic we conduct a comprehensive examination which includes: Measuring intraocular pressure (tonometry), Testing for optic nerve damage by using Optical Coherance Tomography and measuring function with computer perimetry.

Emergency Eye Care Centre

An Ophthalmologist is On Call 7 days per week for private emergency eye care relating to sudden vision loss and retinal tear or detachment.

Meet Our Doctors

Brisbane Eye Clinic provides comprehensive services for a broad range of medical and surgical eye conditions including Cataracts, Retinal Detachment, Glaucoma, Macular Disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, Intravitreal injection therapy, Ocular Trauma, Low Vision, Refractive Error, Red Eye and Uveitis. Professional services are based on a medical ophthalmology model framed by team based delivery which includes services that are provided by clinical optometrists.

  • Dr Erwin Groeneveld Fellowship trained Retina Surgeon with expertise in Age Related Macular Disease, Retinal vascular disease, Glaucoma and Cataract Surgery.

    Dr Groeneveld graduated from University of Queensland Medical School and completed ophthalmology training at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital. He works in his Private Practice and he has served as a senior visiting consultant, advanced training supervisor and Director of Ophthalmology at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

  • Dr Fiona Chan General Ophthalmologist with a special interest in Cataract surgery

    Dr Fiona Chan graduated from The University of Queensland in 1997 with first class Honours and commenced her residency training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. She commenced Ophthalmology training as a registrar in 2003 in Queensland and was appointed to the role of Senior Registrar in 2007 in her final year of training.

    Dr Chan has been a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Brisbane Eye Clinic since late 2008, which is located in the Brisbane CBD and Aspley.

  • Dr John Ambler Subspecialist in Diseases and Surgery of the Vitreous, Retina and Macula as well as General Ophthalmologist

    After graduating with honours from Sydney University, Dr Ambler was awarded the Cedric Cohen Medal for Excellence at the Part 1 Examination of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. He completed his ophthalmic training at the Sydney Eye Hospital in 1986.

  • Dr Weng Ng Cataract & Glaucoma Surgeon, Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

    Dr Weng Ng is an eye surgeon with a subspecialty interest in Cataract surgery and Glaucoma surgery. He also has skills and experience in managing Medical Retina conditions.


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