Cataract Surgery & New Private Health Insurance Reforms

A new four-tier hospital product system will be introduced for all Australian private health insurers in April 2019.

Policies will be divided into a simplified tier structure of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Basic.

Under the new structure, Cataract surgery will only be covered as a minimal requirement under the Gold Tier.

Insurers will be able to offer additional coverage in Basic, Bronze, and Silver tiers. Should you have tailored existing cover, confirmation of your additional inclusions with your insurer is highly recommended prior to April 2019.

The Government states this system will benefit consumers to easily compare private hospital insurance products and allows consumers to tailor a package suitable for their personal requirements.

Insurers have until April 2020 to introduce the tiers for all products.

For more information and Hospital Treatment Product Tiers please refer to the following:
Private Health Insurance Reforms

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