Specialised & Reliable Eye Care Services

The Brisbane Eye Clinic experienced team provide a range of specialised services for our patients.

 The Cataract Centre

The outcomes of our Cataract Surgery are benchmarked against world’s best practice. We audit our results so that we know the quality and value of the work we do is second to none.

The Retina Care & Macula Centre

The Retina Care and Macula Centre provides patients with immediate access to high quality professional advice and treatment.

Integrated Ophthalmology

Brisbane Eye Clinic offers comprehensive ophthalmic services, for referred adult patients, that focus on  professional assessments, ethical advice and targeted treatments that really work.

Emergency Eye Centre

An Ophthalmologist is On Call for private emergency eye care relating to sudden vision loss and retinal tear or detachment.

The Glaucoma Care & Optic Nerve Centre

The Glaucoma Care and Optic Nerve Centre is a dedicated service offering expert care for glaucoma patients by our experienced team.


Brisbane Eye Clinic has two convenient consulting locations,
one in Spring Hill close to Brisbane’s CBD and the other at Aspley on the North side.
P. 07 3832 1700  |  F. 07 3831 3129  |  E.

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