Why did the doctor not give me a prescription for glasses?

Our Doctors provide care for medical conditions of the eye. We recommend you see your Optometrist to build and check your glasses.

How do you determine the fees?

Fees incorporate the business costs, the high-tech ophthalmic equipment required to examine your eye comprehensively and the employment of trained staff who perform diagnostic testing. We require a highly skilled administration team to enable us to manage the practice professionally and to ensure we are complying with all relevant guidelines, protocols and safeguards required for quality patient care.

What does the consultation fee cover?

The fee includes the full consultation service, from seeing the Ophthalmic Assistant through to the consultation with the Ophthalmologist as well as sending your health care provider a detailed written report. Any further tests will incur an additional cost.

Why do some of the eye tests need to be done on a different day?

To minimise waiting time, we streamline the clinics to give everyone a comprehensive assessment. Additional tests may have to be scheduled for specific times to allow efficient running of the practice and to reduce waiting time for all patients.

Why do I have to wait to see the doctor?

Our Doctors aim to see patients on time once dilation is complete. However, Ophthalmology is unpredictable and complex cases can require detailed discussion. This occasionally results in the clinic running over schedule. At times we may see emergency cases and these have medical priority. On average, transit time is about 90 minutes but allow for 2 hours from arrival to departure.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Why do I need to see a technician during each visit?

Brisbane Eye Clinic is focused on excellent outcomes and provides a team care approach to your eye care. Our highly qualified technicians are trained to complete initial testing and dilation and to provide these details to your Ophthalmologist. This model ensures consistent quality care for all patients.

Why do my pupils need dilation each visit?

Your pupils require dilation in order for the Doctor to have a clear view of the back of your eye. This is where vital structures such as the retina and optic nerve are located.

What happens when my pupils are dilated?

As dilating drops make your vision blurry, you will be unable to drive for approximately 6 hours following your consultation. We therefore recommend you arrange a family member/friend/carer to assist with transportation to and from your appointment. Sunglasses may help with symptoms of glare.


Brisbane Eye Clinic has two convenient consulting locations,
one in Spring Hill close to Brisbane’s CBD and the other at Aspley on the North side.
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