Through Their Eyes

We’re often told to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to experience and understand their hardship. But what if you had to see the world through someone else’s eyes? Would you like what you see? Or would the challenges be too much? Would you suddenly appreciate your own eyesight more?

This might help you to understand the visual implications of some common eye conditions. You might know a friend or loved one living with one or more of these pathologies.

Cataract: cloudy vision


Diabetic Retinopathy: patchy vision

Diabetic retinopathy

Glaucoma: Tunnel Vision


Age Related Macular Degeneration: loss or degredation of central vision


Retinal Detachment: shadowed vision with floaters

Retinal detachment vision

Retinitis Pigmentosa: Tunnel vision

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Colour Vision Deficiency

Colour vision deficiency

Eyesight is precious and we have many people living in the community with these eye conditions. Considering others and their ‘view’ on the world is important.


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